My Recommendations: Book of the Week, December 31

What do you read as you enter into a New Year? What about reading a book about radical change? Michael J. Oard and John K. Reed give us How Noah’s Flood Shaped Our Earth, a new publication of Creation Book Publishers in 2017. The book addresses the objective evidence confirming the biblical account of the great Flood in Noah’s time. Such a Flood (global and catastrophic) impacted our earth and shaped it. The world we see now is the post-Flood world. Do you know where to look for physical evidence? how to evaluate that evidence? This is the book that will provide you with answers to those questions. As a member of the Canyon Ministries team taking people into the Grand Canyon and down the Colorado River, I appreciate the way Oard and Reed describe and deal with the physical evidence visible in the layers in the walls of that wonderful canyon. May 2018 be the year you decide that God’s description of the Flood in Genesis 6-9 fits the physical evidence.

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My Recommendations: Book of the Week, June 19

Seven weeks ago I recommended the Grand Canyon companion to this guide book in the True North Series. This volume takes users on a trek through the landscapes of both Yellowstone and Grand Teton National Parks identifying evidences of the biblical flood in Noah’s time and talking about biblical creation. The four authors (John Hergenrather, Tom Vail, Mike Oard, and Dennis Bokovoy) present a creationist’s viewpoint of earth’s history. They offer travel tips, maps, details on the vast forests, grasslands, geysers, trails, flowers, hiking trails, wildlife and more–all vibrantly portrayed in many full color photos. If you visit Yellowstone or the Grand Tetons, take the opportunity to study the majesty of God’s amazing creation with this volume in hand. Families will find the guide helpful for explaining the wonders of these parks to their children.

Another companion volume in the True North Series is Your Guide to Zion and Bryce Canyon National Parks.

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My Recommendations: Book of the Week, May 8

Instead of a book this week, I am recommending a DVD of one of the best documentaries I have ever seen on the historicity of the early chapters of the Book of Genesis: “Is Genesis History?” Del Tackett (who directs The Truth Project ministry) was on one of our first rafting trips into the Grand Canyon. Seeing the evidence and knowing the biblical teachings solidified his conviction that Genesis truly is history–authentic and accurate history. He narrates this film, which was shown in theaters across the United States back in February and March. This DVD belongs in every family’s library of films for educating parents and children alike. The cinematography is superb and the line up of experts in a variety of fields will impress you. Also available: Is Genesis History? [Blu-ray]

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My Recommendations: Book of the Week, May 1

For the past ten years I have had the great privilege and joy to take rafting trips through the Grand Canyon teaching from Genesis 1-11 about Creation and the Flood. Tom Vail, the founder of Canyon Ministries and a co-author of this book, has been one of my mentors in the canyon and has become a very dear friend. Your Guide to the Grand Canyon (Master Books, 2008) was the first of the True North Series providing a biblical view of some of our nation’s most stunning national parks. The authors of this volume include Tom Vail, Mike Oard, John Hergenrather, and Dennis Bokovoy. Full color photos, charts, and illustrations fill the volume. The spiral binding prevents the volume from falling apart–it is intended as a handbook guide to the Grand Canyon with regard to its history, geology, wildlife, and views. Fold-out panorama photographs help the user to quickly identify the key sites from many of the popular viewing points along the rim. Best of all, the book presents a biblical viewpoint offering an alternative to the dominantly evolutionary view taught by park rangers and park signs. Take this guide book with you and your family on your next visit (hopefully just one of many) to the Grand Canyon. If you are interested in the South Rim tours or river rafting trips offered by Canyon Ministries, visit their website by clicking on their name.

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My Recommendations: Book of the Week, April 24

What Happened in the Garden: The Reality and the Ramifications of the Creation and Fall of Man, edited by Abner Chou (Kregel Academic, 2016) offers a collection of essays by Dr. John MacArthur and the faculty of The Master’s University. Its three parts consist of “Reality of Genesis 2-3,” “Theological Ramifications of the Creation and Fall,” and “Worldview Ramifications of the Creation and Fall.” The contributors represent a variety of academic disciplines including theology, science, ethics, history, sociology, and biblical counseling. You may have had someone ask you, “What difference does it make what we believe about creation and fall?” This volume supplies lots of material on the biblical answers to such a question. Every pastor should read this volume. The topic is too significant and too applicable in today’s world to ignore. Too many pastors and teachers ignore the early chapters of Genesis, taking an agnostic attitude. This does immense harm to the cause of Christ and to the inspiration and integrity of the written Word of God.

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Creation Summit, The Master’s University

The Master’s University hosted the Creation Summit 2017 on February 24-25. Dr. Abner Chou opened the summit with his TMU Chapel message on Friday, February 24. On Saturday, February 25, Dr. Todd Wood, myself, and Dr. John MacArthur spoke in the day’s three sessions. The sessions were well attended for the topic, “God’s First Man.” The sessions looked at the historicity of the biblical Adam from the viewpoint of biblical narrative, paleontology, genetics, history, and theology. The links below provide PowerPoint presentation (in pdf format) and the link to my chapter in Searching for Adam.

PowerPoint pdf (38MB)

Searching for Adam, Chapter 1, by William D. Barrick