Hebrew Whiteboard Update

As we enter the New Year (2017), we turn to another psalm from the biblical Psalter. Interpreters and expositors often refer to Psalm 4 as an evening prayer following Psalm 3 as a morning prayer. Psalm 4 presents us with the first potential example of the mis-divided psalm headings (the link to my blog post about these colophons). To access Psalm 4:1-2 and the previous psalms posted thus far, click on this link: Hebrew Whiteboard.

Happy New Year!

Blow the Shophar! It’s a New Year!

ParkingsSpace23 has published my most recent blog post. It consists of a brief study of the New Year as presented in the Scriptures–especially Leviticus 23:23-25.

The post serves as a New Year greeting and New Year prayer for all readers of my blog. Throughout 2016 many of you sent me emails via my web site. You encouraged me to continue posting blogs, answering questions, producing Hebrew Whiteboard, and adding to the web site’s many resources. May you find a continually improving web site in 2017.

Above all, keep on trusting and praising the Lord in this New Year.

Psalms Commentaries & Psalms Studies

Hebrew Whiteboard now includes a listing of my favorite Psalms commentaries and Psalms studies. The listing presents them in order of my personal preference and each thumbnail of a book is linked to Amazon (just click on the book picture that you wish to examine further). Eventually, I will also list individual books dealing with groups of psalms (as with the Imprecatory Psalms in the list) and individual psalms.

What Books Do You Recommend Most Highly?–Part 2

As I continue to populate my list of books I most highly recommend, I move now to the New Testament commentaries. See What Books Do You Recommend Most Highly? (click on that title–it is a link that will take you to that first post) for the start of the list and the identification of the Old Testament commentaries. As there, I will list them in order of the biblical books. Each thumbnail is linked to Amazon or some other web site from which the volume can be obtained. When the Amazon link to the image is broken, I’ve had to substitute the marketing image–not what I prefer, since I prefer to see the image clearly and fully–I’ll periodically check to see if Amazon has fixed the image problem, so I can use the better images. Sometimes the link is in the heading, when the image could not be linked directly–or an image was not available.

For other lists of books, see Books I’ve Endorsed and Dr. Barrick’s Books.

For the full list, head to the Recommendations page.

Hebrew Whiteboard Update

How delightful to study the Word of God, to analyze a psalm in detail, and to meditate upon its implications for my own life. Verses 8-9 conclude Psalm 122 and focus upon David’s purposes or promises for the inhabitants of Jerusalem, for his people, and for the “house of YHWH,” the Tabernacle. The theme of “peace” occurs yet again (the word’s third use in the psalm) and “good” makes its appearance as the practical outworking of David’s commitment to Jerusalem and all who go there in pilgrimage to worship the Lord.

Those who downloaded the earlier verses will find a few revisions here and there for the sake of accuracy. May you enjoy the study of this psalm as much as I have.

Go to Hebrew Whiteboard for this unfolding analysis, as well as for accessing previous Psalms studies.

Recommended Books Update

A few weeks ago I began to list all of the books for Bible study that I most highly recommend. See What Books Do You Recommend Most Highly? As of today I have completed the list of my most highly recommended commentaries on the Old Testament. Be certain to keep checking on that post as it grows. I will be adding Bible Handbooks, Bible Atlases, and New Testament Commentaries in the days ahead. A few of my recommendations are unfortunately out of print, but ones you might watch for at used bookstores like Archives in the Los Angeles area. If you know of equivalent bookstores for used and out of print biblical studies volumes in other major cities across the U.S., please send me the link via email and I will compile a list of them to publish online in the New Year.