Old Testament Introduction

The lectures below were recorded at The Masters Seminary and present a 700 level introduction to the Old Testament, dealing with textual criticism. Note that this is not a introductory overview of the Old Testament.

While this is not technically a Hebrew course, completion of Hebrew Exegesis I and II is a prerequisite for this class.

  1. Lecture 1 – Introduction
  2. Lecture 2
  3. Lecture 3
  4. Lecture 4a
  5. Lecture 4b
  6. Lecture 5a
  7. Lecture 5b
  8. Lecture 6
  9. Lecture 7
  10. Lecture 8a
  11. Lecture 8b
  12. Lecture 9
  13. Lecture 10a
  14. Lecture 10b
  15. Lecture 11a
  16. Lecture 11b
  17. Lecture 12
  18. Lecture 13a
  19. Lecture 13b
  20. Lecture 14

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