Grand Canyon 2012–The Year of the Waterfalls

Psalm 42:7 declares, “One deep stream calls out to another at the sound of your waterfalls” (NET). On the final full day of this year’s Christian Leaders’ Trip into the Grand Canyon, hundreds of waterfalls graced the canyon walls shortly after a rain that dampened our lunch time on one of the beaches.

Rim to River CataractsEverything from delicate white ribbons to rushing brown and red torrents filled with debris cascaded from rim to river. Dry sheer walls of limestone turned into curtains of water. Roaring cataracts joined the splash of raindrops on the river surface and the roar of nearby rapids. The magical scene repaid being soaked to the skin and chilled–and the soggy bread of our sandwiches. None of us will be able to forget the majesty of this experience. This was the first such experience for our geologist, Andrew Snelling, who has made many trips into the Canyon over a 25-year span. I was thrilled to see it in my fifth year for our annual rafting trip.

Insignificant–that’s what the Canyon makes one feel.

Omnipotent–the great Creator’s attribute that overwhelms the mind in the midst of such grandeur.

Marvelous–to know the biblical truth that our Creator cares for us and has given us such a world in which to live and in which to observe His handiwork.

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