Revelation 19:17-21:8–Christ’s Return and Events After His 1,000-Year Kingdom

John writes about the series of events that take place with the Second Advent of Christ: the Great Supper of God, the chaining of Satan, and the 1,000-year reign of Christ in His Kingdom. Then John moves beyond the Kingdom to the events at its close: the loosing of Satan, the Great White Throne Judgment, the New Heavens and the New Earth, and the New Jerusalem.

[wpaudio url=”/files/audio/studies/Revelation/Lesson_28_Revelation_19C-20A.mp3″ text=”Dr Barrick, Revelation 19:17-20:6″][wpaudio url=”/files/audio/studies/Revelation/Lesson_28_Revelation_20B.mp3″ text=”Dr Barrick, Revelation 20:7-12a”] [wpaudio url=”/files/audio/studies/Revelation/Lesson_28_Revelation_20C.mp3″ text=”Dr Barrick, Revelation 20:12b-15″] [wpaudio url=”/files/audio/studies/Revelation/Lesson_28_Revelation_21A.mp3″ text=”Dr Barrick, Revelation 21:1-8″]

We took one Sunday to discuss further the situations of Old Testament saints when they died as compared to the situation for New Testament saints.
[wpaudio url=”/files/audio/studies/Revelation/What_happens_when_we_die.mp3″ text=”What Happens When We Die?”]

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