Revelation 21:9-22:5–The Holy City, The New Jerusalem

The final vision that John receives reveals details concerning the New Jerusalem. Readers normally ask two questions: (1) Does this city exists in the Millennial Kingdom of Christ or in the Eternal State? (2) Who are its citizens? Certain elements of the city’s description help answer those questions. The absence of the curse links everything back to the beginning of the Bible in Genesis 1-3.

  • Revelation 21:9-22:5 (PPT) [wpaudio url=”/files/audio/studies/Revelation/Lesson_29_Revelation_21B.mp3″ text=”Dr Barrick, Revelation 21:9-11″] [wpaudio url=”/files/audio/studies/Revelation/Lesson_29_Revelation_21C.mp3″ text=”Dr Barrick, Revelation 21:12-27″]

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