Another Off-Site Blog Worth Reading

In an effort to expand my contributions in the blogosphere, I accepted an invitation to submit an essay to another great biblical and theological website: “Parking Space 23.” My first contribution is “Continuity: Old Testament Truth in New Testament Clothing.”

The continuity that exists between the two biblical testaments does not contravene the clear distinction between Israel and the Church. Continuity fuels the practicality of the Christian’s obedience to all the Word of God, not to just the New Testament and its truths. Without recognizing some degree of continuity, we end up denigrating biblical authority and contradicting 2 Timothy 3:16-17 outright.

Erroneous theologies like replacement theology, dominion theology, deconstructionism, and theonomy defend their system on the basis of their style of continuity. Their view of continuity fails exegetically because they force identicalness upon biblical distinctions. On the other side of a continuum of theological systems, some dispensational theologians also fail exegetically by forcing total discontinuity upon the text. It’s high time we all listen to the text itself and cease forcing our own contrived methodologies upon it.

For discussion of the New Testament believer’s relationship to the Law of Moses, listen to my 35-minute discourse on the topic and/or read by brief written analysis of the topic.

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