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Structural or logical line diagramming serves as one of the chief means by which the exegete can identify verse structure in the Hebrew Bible. Since this method unlocks so much of the biblical text, I have begun a series of study helps in order to enable others to learn the method and to gain a better understanding of how it aids the process of exegesis. With this methodology the student of the Hebrew Bible will be able to examine the text with a view to its

  • psalm superscription and subscription,
  • poetic lines (by means of Masoretic accentuation),
  • grammatical relationships,
  • literary/poetic devices,
  • micro- and macrostructures,
  • resulting interpretive implications, and
  • preaching propositions.
 Below are links to the materials currently available:

Additions to these materials will appear as I work through Psalm 3 (the first psalm with a psalm heading) and, eventually, through the Psalter. Each new addition to an individual psalm will be announced by means of Hebrew Whiteboard Updates and each new psalm will be introduced with a Hebrew Whiteboard post like this one.

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