Just Published: Right Thinking in a Church Gone Astray

Right Thinking in a Church Gone Astray: Finding Our Way Back to Biblical Truth, ed. Nathan Busenitz (Eugene, OR: Harvest House Publishers, 2017) was unveiled at this year’s Shepherds’ Conference hosted by Grace Community Church and The Master’s Seminary. The volume contains the following chapters:
  • “When the Church Goes Astray” by Nathan Busenitz
  • “Rock-Star Religion” by Tom Patton
  • “The Crescent and the Cross” by William D. Barrick
  • “When Truth Meets Love” by Alex Montoya
  • “Is This Jesus Calling?” by Jesse Johnson
  • “Who’s In Charge of Your Church?” by Michael Mahoney
  • “Nothing But the Truth” by Abner Chou
  • “The Hallmarks of Heresy” by Michael Riccardi
  • “The Charismatic Question” by Nathan Busenitz
  • “Things That Should Not Be Forgotten” by Nathan Busenitz
  • “To the Ends of the Earth” by Irv Busenitz
  • “Compassion Without Compromise” by Jesse Johnson
  • “Fit for the Master’s Use” by Carl Hargrove”
  • “Global Risk Assessment” by Mark Tatlock
  • “To the Praise of His Glory” by James Mook
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