Hebrew Whiteboard Update: Psalm 5 Complete

The final two verses of Psalm 5 (vv. 12-13, Hebrew verse numbering) close out the psalm on a very high note. It expresses a climactic crescendo of rejoicing, a six-fold emphasis centering upon Yahweh Himself, and a series of parallels with the first stanza of the psalm (vv. 2-3, Hebrew verse numbering). A striking and memorable analogy completes this psalm that in itself blesses the righteous. Please be aware that the file is large (114 slides) and will take a little time to download. These slides include the discussion and presentation of the psalm’s structure, final summaries verse-by-verse, and a closing slide containing suggested preaching propositions.

Click on Hebrew Whiteboard to download Psalm 5 or any of the previous studies of Psalms 1-4 and 120-122.

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