My Recommendations: Book of the Week, May 1

For the past ten years I have had the great privilege and joy to take rafting trips through the Grand Canyon teaching from Genesis 1-11 about Creation and the Flood. Tom Vail, the founder of Canyon Ministries and a co-author of this book, has been one of my mentors in the canyon and has become a very dear friend. Your Guide to the Grand Canyon (Master Books, 2008) was the first of the True North Series providing a biblical view of some of our nation’s most stunning national parks. The authors of this volume include Tom Vail, Mike Oard, John Hergenrather, and Dennis Bokovoy. Full color photos, charts, and illustrations fill the volume. The spiral binding prevents the volume from falling apart–it is intended as a handbook guide to the Grand Canyon with regard to its history, geology, wildlife, and views. Fold-out panorama photographs help the user to quickly identify the key sites from many of the popular viewing points along the rim. Best of all, the book presents a biblical viewpoint offering an alternative to the dominantly evolutionary view taught by park rangers and park signs. Take this guide book with you and your family on your next visit (hopefully just one of many) to the Grand Canyon. If you are interested in the South Rim tours or river rafting trips offered by Canyon Ministries, visit their website by clicking on their name. Click on picture for link to the book.
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