My Recommendations: Book of the Week, December 31

What do you read as you enter into a New Year? What about reading a book about radical change? Michael J. Oard and John K. Reed give us How Noah’s Flood Shaped Our Earth, a new publication of Creation Book Publishers in 2017. The book addresses the objective evidence confirming the biblical account of the great Flood in Noah’s time. Such a Flood (global and catastrophic) impacted our earth and shaped it. The world we see now is the post-Flood world. Do you know where to look for physical evidence? how to evaluate that evidence? This is the book that will provide you with answers to those questions. As a member of the Canyon Ministries team taking people into the Grand Canyon and down the Colorado River, I appreciate the way Oard and Reed describe and deal with the physical evidence visible in the layers in the walls of that wonderful canyon. May 2018 be the year you decide that God’s description of the Flood in Genesis 6-9 fits the physical evidence.

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