Understanding Bible Translation: Excerpt & Endorsement

“Bible translation is the spark that kindled the Reformation. Men like William Tyndale gave their lives to ensure that people had access to Scripture in their own languages. Continuing the legacy and vision of such great men, Understanding Bible Translation makes a strong biblical case for vernacular translation of the Bible. Dr. Barrick shows how to preserve the authorial intent of Scripture while at the same time producing an understandable rendering of the biblical text in a target language. Barrick takes the cue from Scripture itself—Ezra’s public reading of the Law, Jesus’ parable of the sower, and the account of the Ethiopian’s conversion all point to the imperative of vernacular translation. Barrick is a scholar, missionary, and Bible translator. I cannot think of a more qualified author to write this book.” – John MacArthur (Litt.D., Grace Graduate School, Long Beach, CA; D.D., Talbot Theological Seminary), Pastor, Grace Community Church, Sun Valley, CA; President, The Master’s Seminary; Chancellor, The Master’s University

Available at Kregel and Amazon (click on links).

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