Understanding Bible Translation

My latest book, Understanding Bible Translation: Bringing God’s Word into New Contexts (Kregel Academic, 2019) enters distribution May 28. This project began approximately 25 years ago while serving as a Bible translator in Bangladesh. Since then, my involvement in Bible translation has expanded far beyond what I ever dreamed possible. Part of that story comes to light in this volume, but it’s primary goals include the following:

  • To help someone understand the necessity of translating the Bible into other languages.
  • To enable people to know more about the challenges Bible translators face in their labor to provide an accurate and understandable translation.
  • To provide a method for evaluating English Bible versions more objectively and fairly.
  • To encourage Bible translation ministry support in local churches.
  • To give guidance in preparing for a future Bible translation ministry.
Available at Kregel and Amazon (click on links).

Table of Contents

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