Passion Week Meditations

Old photochrome image of Bethany in 1890s. View from the north — Herodium on southern horizon. Photo from Todd Bolen, “Photo Companion to the Bible: The Gospels,” Mark 11 (, 2017).

For Passion Week I have written a series of meditations following Jesus and His disciples on each day, starting with Palm Sunday. The meditations are published on the Canyon Ministries blog “GuidePosts.” Below are the first three with links. Each day I will add another link. With most of us in lockdown due to the CoVID-19 pandemic, we have more time to really allow the events of Jesus’ final week on earth to sink into our hearts. Each meditation gives the key Gospel texts to read, if you choose to read the original report as we move through the week.

The Sea of Galilee from near Tabgha (photo by William D. Barrick, 2019)
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