Praying the Psalms: Psalm 13

Praying the Psalms brings songs to the heart. As the psalmist speaks, his words join with the music arising from his harp like incense rising toward heaven. Nothing prepares us for corporate prayer like personal prayer. Nothing prepares us for personal prayer like putting the prayers of the psalmists into our own words. Above all else, praying the Psalms draws our hearts nearer our Savior’s heart. His prayers give evidence of how much the Psalter saturated His thinking, His feeling, and His life. He prayed the prayers of the Psalter and He fulfilled many of the psalms and their prophetic announcements regarding Messiah’s suffering, death, and glory.

This video (click on those words for the link) presents a brief look at one psalm, Psalm 13, and how we might pray through it. And, it concludes with a potential prayer of our Savior, Who intercedes for us. May it bless your heart and produce in you the joy of praying through the Psalter.

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    1. Thank you for checking it out, Brian. I’m working with Rick Kress to publish a book of such prayers in the near future. When we do, I will be announcing it on my website. Stay well.

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