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In addition to Hebrew Grammar (or beginning Hebrew), Dr Barrick also teaches Hebrew Exegesis and Old Testament Introduction.

The Hebrew Exegesis class continues on from Hebrew Grammar II. This class is normally taught over two semesters, so you will find them under Hebrew Exegesis I and Hebrew Exegesis II.

The Introduction to the Old Testament class is a single semester class that follows on from Hebrew Exegesis II and introduces the student to issues related to the original text including textual criticism. You can find this class here.

All these pages are also listed under “Hebrew Lectures” in the teaching menu.

The Agony of Defeat and the Thrill of Victory

The week before Pastor Adam Tyson arrived at Placerita Bible Church to become the Senior Pastor I delivered this message in the Sunday Worship service.

It also serves as a recap of my recent archeological dig in Israel, looking for evidence for the city of Ai at Khirbet el-Maqatir. With that in mind, I based this sermon on Joshua 7:1-8:35 and the battle of Ai.

2013 McDonald Lecture Series

Recently Dr Barrick was asked to speak at Central Seminary on the theme “In the Beginning: Creation and Biblical Authority.”

Central Seminary has now put these lectures online for free download.  You can click the links below to play the lectures.

The general sessions included:

He also answered two Q&A sessions:

For your convenience, you can subscribe to a podcast of this series here.