The New Perspective and “Works of the Law” (Gal 3:16 and Rom 3:20)

The New Perspective on Paul (NPP) differs from a traditional understanding of Paul’s references to the “works of the law .” Traditionally, Paul’s references to such works has been seen in a negative light, but the NPP takes a very opposite view of the works. Pre-NT references to works of the law show that they …

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The Eschatological Significance of Leviticus 26

The blessings and curses of Leviticus 26 have eschatological significance because they relate to the Abrahamic and Mosaic covenants. Verses 33-45 speak of retributive dispersion/exile, the Sabbath rest, the stricken remnant, and the contingency of repentance. Repentance includes Israel’s acceptance of retribution, Yahweh’s acceptance of repentance, and a summary of the retribution. Chapter 26 touches …

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Changes in Doctrine of Justification

The “New Perspective” on Paul makes some significant changes to the doctrine of justification.  In this sermon Dr Barrick explains these changes and their significance. This sermon was delivered in The Masters Seminary Chapel in January 2005 from various scriptures. [wpaudio url=”/files/audio/messages/2005-01-01_TMS.mp3″ text=”Dr Bill Barrick, Changes in the Doctrine of Justification in the New Perspective”]

The Necessity of Scripture

Scripture is necessary because God willed to provide it and because mankind’s condition required it. The image of God in man requires communication between God and human beings. God’s incomprehensibility is another reason for the necessity of Scripture. Natural revelation’s insufficiency to teach the nature of God makes Scripture indispensable. The complexity of divine truth …

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The necessity of scripture

This message was delivered in The Masters Seminary Chapel on Jan 27, 2004 from selected scriptures. Be sure to read the corresponding Masters Seminary Journal Article on this here. [wpaudio url=”/files/audio/messages/2004-01-27_TMS.mp3″ text=”Dr Bill Barrick, The necessity of Scripture”]

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