Kindle Edition of Searching for Adam Now Available

Searching for Adam, ed. by Terry Mortenson (Master Books, 2016) now available on Kindle (save an additional 60% off the price–and no shipping–instant acquisition–click on the book’s image at the left). The first printing (hard copy, paperback) sold out in less than eight weeks after coming out in early November. A new run is in the press. The first chapter, “Old Testament Evidence for a Literal, Historical Adam and Eve” (pp. 17-52), is mine. To read the full description, see my earlier post about the hard copy.

Keep on praying that God allows this book to be used in a mighty way in the current debate on the historicity of the biblical Adam and Eve.

Biblical Doctrine Volume Now Available

My contributor’s copy of Biblical Doctrine: A Systematic Survey of Bible Truth, edited by John MacArthur and Richard Mayhue has finally arrived! The hefty volume (1023 pages) fills 2-1/4 inches of horizontal shelf space. The Master’s Seminary faculty members involved in producing section drafts for the volume included Dr. Nathan Busenitz, Dr. Jim Mook, Dr. Bryan Murphy, Dr. Michael Vlach, Prof. Michael Riccardi, and myself. It’s a great joy to see my 167-page draft turn into 98 pages of print, but the greatest joy involves the long-term potential of the volume making a significant impact upon the readers’ theological thinking through this systematic exploration of Scripture. As Dr. MacArthur and Dr. Mayhue write in the Preface, our prayer matches that of the apostle Paul’s in Ephesians 1:17-19. Yes, may the Spirit of God Himself enlighten our understanding of God’s written Word. Thank you to all of you who have been praying for the production of this volume and who have encouraged the editors and writers to see it through to completion.

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Books I’ve Endorsed

This post presents all of the books for which I have written endorsements published inside the book or on its cover. The authors of these volumes asked for my endorsement and I gave it only after carefully reading their work to be certain that I would not be sorry that I did so. That does not mean that I always agree 100% with each volume’s content. It does mean, however, that I heartily recommend the book for others who seek good Christian materials for personal study or for use as textbooks in the classrooms of our schools and churches.

Each thumbnail of the cover is the link for that volume on Amazon. For digital materials, that link sometimes leads to other publishers, such as FaithLife. The arrangement is alphabetical by the surname of the author. As I write new endorsements, I will add to this post in the future.

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Dr. Barrick’s Books

Over the years God has given me the opportunity to write. Many of the items listed under this site’s Publications consist of journal articles published by The Master’s Seminary Journal. The list I’ve created, however, consists of books I have written or to which I have contributed. If the Lord allows me to do so, I hope to continue adding to this list.

See also, What Books Do You Recommend Most Highly? and What Books Do You Recommend Most Highly?–Part 2 and Books I’ve Endorsed.

The list can be found here.

NEW BOOK — Searching for Adam

searching-for-adam-cover-3d-copySearching for Adam: Genesis and the Truth about Man’s Origin, edited by Terry Mortenson (Green Forest, AR: Master Books, 2016) has now been published. Available on Amazon. The volume’s target audience includes serious-minded lay people, pastors, missionaries, seminary and Christian college professors and students, and other Christian leaders. It contains sixteen chapters that biblical and scientific experts (all of them young-earth creationists) who defend the literal truth of Genesis about Adam. They use biblical, theological, paleontological, genetic, anatomical, archeological, historical, and social evidences and arguments to present their case. The book is designed to be used as a textbook in seminary but also to be understandable to thoughtful lay people who want to dig deeper.

“Introduction” (Dr. Terry Mortenson)

Chapt. 1, “Old Testament Evidence of a Literal, Historical Adam and Eve” (Dr. Bill Barrick) [Sample pdf of my chapter.]

Chapt. 2, “The Question of a Historical Adam: a New Testament Perspective” (Drs. David Croteau and Mike Naylor)

Chapt. 3, “Adam’s Place in the History of the Church’s Theology” (Dr. Tom Nettles)

Chapt. 4, “’Where Are You, Adam?’ The Disappearance of Adam and the Death of Truth” (Dr. Eugene Merrill)

Chapt. 5, “When Was Adam Created?” (Dr. Terry Mortenson)

Chapt. 6, “What’s Lost in John Walton’s The Lost World of Adam and Eve?” (Steve Ham)

Chapt. 7, “Adam and the Image of God” (Dr. David Casas)

Chapt. 8, “Did Humans Really Evolve from Ape-like Creatures?” (Dr. David Menton)

Chapt. 9, “Neanderthals: Our Worthy Ancestors” (Marvin Lubenow)

Chapt. 10, “Genetics Confirms the Recent, Supernatural Creation of Adam and Eve” (Drs. Nathaniel Jeanson and Jeff Tompkins)

Chapt. 11, “Human Anatomy: Unique Upright Design” (Dr. Stuart Burgess)

Chapt. 12, “Human Anatomy: Unique Skills and Beauty” (Dr. Stuart Burgess)

Chapt. 13, “Evolution, Racism and the Scientific Vindication of Genesis” (Dr. Jerry Bergman)

Chapt. 14, “Ancient Man—Genius or Primitive?” (Rev. Don Landis)

Chapt. 15, “Humanity’s Shared History Reflects the Truth of Genesis 1-11” (Tim Chaffey)

Chapt. 16, “Adam, Morality, the Gospel and the Authority of Scripture” (Dr. Terry Mortenson)