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Hebrew Whiteboard Update

We complete our analysis of the Hebrew text of Psalm 120. Next week we will commence our analysis of Psalm 121 with the same elements tha…

Hebrew Whiteboard

Structural or logical line diagramming serves as one of the chief means by which the exegete can identify verse structure in the Heb…

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Thank you for visiting my personal website highlighting biblical studies and Bible translation. It is my prayer that you will find these studies, reviews, comments, and links enlightening and encouraging. I have an unshakable belief in the verbal and plenary inspiration of the Scriptures and their inerrancy. My commitment is to the exegesis of the original Hebrew, Aramaic, and Greek texts.

Kethiv & Qere’ was my original choice for the title of my web site. That is not a memorable title, except for those already versed in the Hebrew Bible. Kethiv in Aramaic means “written” and Qere’ means “read.” Scripture itself is the primary “written.” Obviously, that which is written must also be read. However, the temporary web space I was using assigned a different and more awkward URL that I am phasing out. So much for my original plans regarding the title. I have been persuaded by a large number of you that it is much easier to remember my name and title. Thus the current domain name: In order to disseminate as much exegetical information as possible, I have included downloadable Adobe Acrobat Reader PDF files as well as links to recommended studies elsewhere on the world wide web. Wherever I have linked to a downloadable paper by someone other than myself, it is because I endorse that particular paper as a good example of biblical exegesis.


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Although I have retired from full-time seminary teaching, I speak in conferences, travel overseas to teach seminars in schools, and continue to write, so check back regularly for new studies and audio. From time to time I will also add previously unpublished content.