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Living a New Life: Old Testament Teaching About Conversion

Both liberal and evangelical scholars have entertained doubts about the presence and/or frequency of conversion in the OT, but the doctrine is illustrated and objectified in the OT rather than being presented in doctrinal discourses as in the NT. Moses spoke of conversion in terms of the circumcision of the heart in Deut 10:16 and

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The Place of the Old Testament in the Church

This message was delivered at the Masters College chapel on November 15, 1999. In this message Dr Barrick explains: 1. The Old Testament was involved in the churches existence. 2. The Old Testament provided the basis of the churches exposition 3. the Old Testament provided the Church with its examples [wpaudio url=”/files/audio/messages/1999-11-15_TMC.mp3″ text=”Dr Bill Barrick, The Place of the Old

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The Mosaic Covenant

The Mosaic Law is one of six covenants that God made with Israel, all six of which have five concepts in common: their authority resides in Him, they all came at a time of crisis, no covenant nullifies a previous one, salvation from sin is not obtained by keeping any covenant, and significant negative events

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The Light of Christmas

This message was delivered at the Masters College Chapel on December 9, 1998 from Isaiah 9:1-7 [wpaudio url=”/files/audio/messages/1998-12-09_TMC.mp3″ text=”Dr Bill Barrick, The Light of Christmas”]

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Qualifications of a Missionary

This message was delivered at The Masters College on April 24, 1998 from Phil 2:1-4. [wpaudio url=”/files/audio/messages/1998-04-24_TMC.mp3″ text=”Dr Bill Barrick, Qualifications of a Missionary”]

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Ancient Manuscripts and Biblical Exposition

Ancient manuscripts have been the subject of many books, journal articles, and essays, but few have dealt with their relationship to biblical exposition. Yet the expositor has a vital role in preserving what those ancient manuscripts of the Bible contribute to an accurate knowledge of Old and New Testaments. Few works on systematic theology deal

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