Dr. William Barrick

Dr. William Barrick

I’m a semi-retired Hebrew and Old Testament professor and I help people understand the richness of the Old Testament so they can joyfully love and serve their Creator. I’ve been married 50 years to a wonderful wife, and have 4 married children and 14 grandchildren.

About Dr. Barrick

My Recommendations: Book of the Week, December 31

What do you read as you enter into a New Year? What about reading a book about radical change? Michael J. Oard and John K. Reed give us How Noah's Flood Shaped Our Earth, a new publication of Creation Book Publishers in 2017. The book addresses the objective evidence...

My Recommendations: Book of the Week, December 24

Josh McDowell has joined with his son Sean to revise, update, and republish this classic. No better volume fits the Christmas season better when it comes to being a gift to someone still unfamiliar with who the Jesus of Christmas really is or to someone who already...

Have a Christ-Filled Christmas!

Another digital greeting card by...

My Recommendations: Book of the Week, December 17

No wonder that Zondervan chose to reprint Gleason L. Archer's Encyclopedia of Bible Difficulties yet again--under the title, New International Encyclopedia of Bible Difficulties. Of the handful of volumes seeking to provide Bible students with reasonable, biblical...

Latest Answer

Identifying the Imperatives in Biblical Narratives

Narratives occupy a large portion of the Bible, whether its pages record the lives of Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, and Joseph or the wanderings of Israel in the wilderness, or the events surrounding the judges and kings of Israel, or the stories of Ruth or Esther. And,...

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Current Projects

I’m the Old Testament editor of the Evangelical Exegetical Commentary Series and am currently writing the volume on Genesis.

My Free Online Courses

Biblical Hebrew

I’ve taught Biblical Hebrew for several decades. If you’d like to learn, enroll in my free courses below.

Old Testament

I’ve also taught extensively on the book of Genesis and Introduction to the Old Testament.

Hebrew Whiteboard

Hebrew Whiteboard Update, Psalm 104:1-12

Completing the first third of Psalm 104, our analysis takes another distinct turn in its point of reference: the topic becomes the ongoing natural order of the earth as determined by its Creator. If, however, we are correct in understanding Psalm 104:6-9 as a...

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Hebrew Whiteboard Update: Psalm 104:5-8

Continuing with our analysis of Psalm 104, we soon discover that the exegetical evidence favors a change of topic at verse 6. The transition commences with mere implications--a delicate poetic transference that gradually prods the reader into a different direction....

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