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The Supremacy of Scripture

High up on the list of some of my life’s greatest ministry privileges has been the opportunity to serve at Placerita Bible Church for twenty-four years as a lay elder. During that time I have been allowed to share the pulpit ministry many times. Reformation Sunday 2021 (October 31) was the most recent such opportunity.

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Grace and Truth Study Bible

Just this month (August) Zondervan finally released The Grace and Truth Study Bible — NIV, edited by Dr. Al Mohler of Southern Baptist Theological Seminary. It was a joy and a privilege to be asked to contribute the notes for the Book of Leviticus, a book I have long enjoyed studying and teaching. To order

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Dr. William Barrick

I’m a semi-retired Hebrew and Old Testament professor and I help people understand the richness of the Old Testament so they can joyfully love and serve their Creator. I’ve been married 50 years to a wonderful wife, and have 4 married children and 14 grandchildren.

Books and Recommendations

Dr. Greg Harris

My dear friend and former colleague at The Master’s Seminary recently received attention as an alumnus of Dallas Theological Seminary. I recommend the brief, but deserving, tribute to his ongoing writing ministry. Follow the link below to the DTS alumni page. The page also includes a listing of Dr. Harris’ published works. Late Start —

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The Psalms: A Primer for Prayer

For six and a half years we worked our way through the Psalter psalm by psalm (Psalm 1 through Psalm 150). After reading each psalm at the start of our Sunday morning class, we then prayed sentence prayers based upon that psalm. Then, as I taught through the Hebrew Psalter in seminary courses exegeting each

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Reading Theology in the New Year

One of the newest books to come into my possession in 2020 (thanks to my good colleagues at Zondervan) is Karin Spiecker Stetina’s How to Read Theology for All Its Worth (Zondervan Academic, 2020). Yes, its title purposefully associates the volume’s intended audience with its predecessor, How to Read the Bible for All Its Worth:

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Samson and Gaza’s Gates

Over 40 years ago I published “Samson’s Removal of Gaza’s Gates,” Journal of the Near Eastern Archaeological Society 8 (1976): 83–93. Prof. Stan Swinney and I worked on the research for this article a mere four years into my first full-time teaching post in Denver, CO. We intended to publish a series of articles we

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Identifying the Imperatives in Biblical Narratives

Narratives occupy a large portion of the Bible, whether its pages record the lives of Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, and Joseph or the wanderings of Israel in the wilderness, or the events surrounding the judges and kings of Israel, or the stories of Ruth or Esther. And, those are just part of the Old Testament narratives.

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Free Hebrew Courses

I’ve taught Biblical Hebrew for several decades. If you’d like to learn, enroll in my free courses below.

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Being a convinced creationist, I enjoy observing the beautiful plants and animals God so wondrously created. iNaturalist provides the opportunity for cataloging those observations and sharing them with other amateur and professional naturalists. "But ask the beasts, and they will teach you; the birds of the heavens, and they will tell you; or speak to the earth and it will teach you . . ." (Job 12:7-8). To allow you to enjoy some of what I have observed and continue to encounter, this link will share my observations recorded on the iNaturalist app.

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