Old Testament Introduction

The lectures below were recorded at The Masters Seminary and present a 700 level introduction to the Old Testament, dealing with textual criticism. Note that this is not a introductory overview of the Old Testament. While this is not technically a Hebrew course, completion of Hebrew Exegesis I and II is a prerequisite for this class.

Content Syllabus: This syllabus was last used at the Southeastern Europe Theological Seminary in Tirana, Albania in 2007. It accurately represents the YouTube videos’ syllabus and the final time the course required Gleason Archer’s A Survey of Old Testament Introduction (Moody Press) as the textbook.

  1. Lecture 1 – Introduction
  2. Lecture 2
  3. Lecture 3
  4. Lecture 4a
  5. Lecture 4b
  6. Lecture 5a
  7. Lecture 5b
  8. Lecture 6
  9. Lecture 7
  10. Lecture 8a
  11. Lecture 8b
  12. Lecture 9
  13. Lecture 10a
  14. Lecture 10b
  15. Lecture 11a
  16. Lecture 11b
  17. Lecture 12
  18. Lecture 13a
  19. Lecture 13b
  20. Lecture 14
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