Dr. William Barrick

I served as Professor of Old Testament and Hebrew at the Masters Seminary for over 18 years and I have taught thousands of students how to read and understand the Hebrew Bible (Old Testament). I’ve been involved in 13 Bible translation projects for 9 different languages.

The Necessity of Scripture

Scripture is necessary because God willed to provide it and because mankind’s condition required it. The image of God in man requires communication between God and human beings. God’s incomprehensibility is another reason for the necessity of Scripture. Natural revelation’s insufficiency to teach the nature of God makes Scripture indispensable. The complexity of divine truth …

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The necessity of scripture

This message was delivered in The Masters Seminary Chapel on Jan 27, 2004 from selected scriptures. Be sure to read the corresponding Masters Seminary Journal Article on this here. [wpaudio url=”/files/audio/messages/2004-01-27_TMS.mp3″ text=”Dr Bill Barrick, The necessity of Scripture”]

Global Outreach

This message was delivered at the Masters College Chapel on September 26, 2001 from Luke 5:17-26. In the wake of September 11, Dr Barrick talks about Missions and Evangelism among Muslims. [wpaudio url=”/files/audio/messages/2001-09-26_TMC.mp3″ text=”Dr Bill Barrick, Global Outreach”]

The Integration of OT Theology with Bible Translation

Translation of Scripture should be faithful to the original languages of the text, but should also communicate the text’s meaning accurately to the modern reader so that he may reach proper theological conclusions. That poses a difficult challenge because of the great distance between classical Hebrew and various modern languages. Three passages from Genesis illustrate …

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