Creation–Peripheral Doctrine?

Is the doctrine of creation a peripheral or secondary (or even tertiary) biblical doctrine? Some scholars opine that instantaneous, miraculous, divine creation as a doctrine should be exchanged for natural evolution. Others would soften the exchange and substitute theistic evolution–that at least keeps God in the picture, even if it removes the instantaneous and miraculous. …

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This ancient inscription caught my eye as I walked through the Pergamon Museum in Berlin in November 2015. The inscription above the raised hand says, “I am Barrakib, son of Panammu[wa].” King Barrakib ruled in Sam’al (modern Zincirli) in Turkey. The inscription, dating from approximately 730 BC is written in ancient Aramaic with the old Phoenician script. Barrakib is pretty close …

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Works, Words, and Wisdom–Divine and Human

Works, Words, and Wisdom—Divine and Human Psalm 111 by William D. Barrick Commencement Address—Detroit Baptist Theological Seminary May 12, 2016   Introduction A professor had just finished the final lecture for his introductory course in philosophy. One of the students said, “You have knocked a hole in everything I’ve ever believed in, and you have …

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The Doctrine of Inerrancy and the Work of Translation

Bible translation proceeds upon the basis that the base text possesses value. A high view of Scripture moves the translator to higher accuracy in translating the text, greater care in making certain the message does not get skewed, and a consistent reverence for God’s revealed Word. If a text is known to be saturated with error, …

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