Noah’s Flood and the Biblical Record

Over the past two weeks the Dispensational Publishing House Blog published a two-part article on what the Bible reveals about the global and catastrophic Flood of Noah’s time. The blog features a variety of authors on this topic and you will find all of them thought-provoking and stimulating to read. God not only …

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Creation–Peripheral Doctrine?

Is the doctrine of creation a peripheral or secondary (or even tertiary) biblical doctrine? Some scholars opine that instantaneous, miraculous, divine creation as a doctrine should be exchanged for natural evolution. Others would soften the exchange and substitute theistic evolution–that at least keeps God in the picture, even if it removes the instantaneous and miraculous. …

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Brazilian Creation Conference PowerPoints and Notes–in Portuguese

In June 2015 I had the great privilege of participating in teaching and preaching in Fortaleza, Brazil. The organizers translated my PowerPoint presentations and conference notes into Portuguese. The topic for the conference was Creation. I hope that making these materials available online will be an encouragement to many Portuguese-speaking Christians, lay people and pastors …

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The Noahic Covenant’s Impact on Caring for Creation

For the 2012 National Meetings of the Evangelical Theological Society I presented a paper providing what I believe to be a biblical contribution to the topic of environmental ethics. Coming on the heels of Earth’s greatest destructive event (the Flood), God’s covenant with Noah provides a window on God’s intent for the restored creation as well …

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Elihu and Moses (the Book of Job and Genesis)

Starting in Job 33, Elihu, the youngest of Job’s friends, addresses Job, Eliphaz, Zophar, and Bildad regarding their erroneous views about God’s character and Job’s problems. As he makes his case, Elihu expresses himself with words and phrases, concepts and imagery that appear to echo the early chapters of Genesis. If the Book of Job was …

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2013 McDonald Lecture Series

Recently Dr Barrick was asked to speak at Central Seminary on the theme “In the Beginning: Creation and Biblical Authority.” Central Seminary has now put these lectures online for free download.  You can click the links below to play the lectures. The general sessions included: Creation Outside Genesis [wpaudio url=”/files/audio/messages/2013McDonaldLectures/Lecture1CreationOutsideGenesis.mp3″ text=”Audio”] The Historicity of Adam [wpaudio url=”/files/audio/messages/2013McDonaldLectures/Lecture2TheHistoricityOfAdam.mp3″ text=”Audio”] …

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