Uncommon Wisdom: Old Testament Wisdom Books

Introduction Overall, Old Testament (OT) wisdom books are fairly anthropocentric (man-centered) since they address the issues of everyday living faced by God’s people. That does not mean that they are not also theocentric (God-centered). God instructs His people to live their lives in view of His existence, presence, righteousness, and justice. Studying these books provides …

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My Recommendations: Book of the Week, March 13

The wisdom literature of the Old Testament includes Job, Proverbs, Ecclesiastes, Song of Solomon, and some of the Psalter’s psalms. Dr. Daniel Estes’ Handbook on the Wisdom Books and Psalms stands at the head of the list of books written as introductions or handbooks for the Wisdom Books. The author’s arguments for the antiquity of Job advocate its events …

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Another Off-Site Blog Worth Reading

In an effort to expand my contributions in the blogosphere, I accepted an invitation to submit an essay to another great biblical and theological website: “Parking Space 23.” My first contribution is “Continuity: Old Testament Truth in New Testament Clothing.” The continuity that exists between the two biblical testaments does not contravene the clear distinction between Israel …

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Kevin Boling Interview

This interview with Kevin Boling from Knowing the Truth Radio is a discussion with Dr Barrick about his recently released Commentary on Ecclesiastes, published by Christian Focus Publications. This interview provides a good overview of the book, highlighting some of the principles taught throughout. [wpaudio url=”/files/audio/other/2012-03-22_Kevin_Boling_Interview.mp3″ text=”Dr Bill Barrick Interview with Kevin Boling”]

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