Israel Research Trip, Post #15

Due to the amount of information I desire to communicate about Beth-shean, this site will require two posts: this post covers Old Testament Beth-Shean and Post #16 will cover New Testament Scythopolis. Beth-shean / Beth-shan / Tell el-Husn One of my favorite sites to visit in Israel is Beth-Shean (בֵּית שְׁאָן) — alternative spelling, Beth-Shan …

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The Synoptic Gospels’ Inerrancy: Geographical Realities

Four Gospels, four viewpoints—do they lead to inconsistency in their testimony concerning the words and deeds of Jesus Christ? Apart from all of their similarities, what should readers do when they find apparent contradictions? Are the Gospels fully trustworthy or in need of some sort of adjustment? Those who deny the inerrancy and authority of …

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