What Books Do You Recommend Most Highly?–Part 2

As I continue to populate my list of books I most highly recommend, I move now to the New Testament commentaries. See What Books Do You Recommend Most Highly? (click on that title–it is a link that will take you to that first post) for the start of the list and the identification of the Old Testament commentaries. As there, I will list them in order of the biblical books. Each thumbnail is linked to Amazon or some other web site from which the volume can be obtained. When the Amazon link to the image is broken, I’ve had to substitute the marketing image–not what I prefer, since I prefer to see the image clearly and fully–I’ll periodically check to see if Amazon has fixed the image problem, so I can use the better images. Sometimes the link is in the heading, when the image could not be linked directly–or an image was not available.

For other lists of books, see Books I’ve Endorsed and Dr. Barrick’s Books.

For the full list, head to the Recommendations page.

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