Understanding Bible Translation: Excerpt & Endorsement

“Even liberal scholars who do not agree with his conclusions nonetheless acknowledge the high-quality linguistic skills of Dr. William Barrick, previous chair of the Old Testament department at The Master’s Seminary, and who for many years has been a Bible translator himself. Many people glory in their own skills or giftedness; Bill Barrick does not. This choice vessel of God has a strong passion for people knowing the Word of God—and that means people all over the world. Over our 13 years since I first met Dr. Barrick, I have heard him do anything from children’s church all the way up to scholarly papers presented at theological societies—and all done with an extremely high excellency—as he has a wonderful capacity to address the appropriate level. In Understanding Bible Translation, Dr. Barrick takes his adult life of studying the Bible and writes for the seasoned Christian all the way up to college or seminary levels about the importance of Bible translation in going from one language translated to another and points out challenges that such translators face. Included in this book is an evaluation of English Bibles, encouragement to churches regarding how to support Bible translators, whether they know the translator or not. Lastly, Bill Barrick gives guidance to someone interested in becoming a Bible translator. Here is one-to-one godly counsel from one who for many decades ‘has walked the walk,’ to a potential translator—and be forewarned (and I write this as a praise not a complaint)—Bill Barrick can be quite passionate and persuasive when talking with others about the things of God! I highly recommend this godly scholar and the goldmine he has given to the church in Understanding Bible Translation. May God stir many people’s hearts and raise up translator workers for His harvest and unto His glory.” – Gregory Harris (Th.D., Dallas Theological Seminary), Department Chair and Professor of Bible Exposition, The Master’s Seminary; Founder, Glory Books

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