Creation Science: My Vision of Its Future

The organizers of the International Conference on Creationism 2023 assigned me this topic as the keynote address on opening night at Cedarville University. My paper included more examples than I used during the address since my allotted time would not allow the fuller presentation. My twofold plea to biblical creationists, creation societies, and creationist ministries

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Dr. Greg Harris

My dear friend and former colleague at The Master’s Seminary recently received attention as an alumnus of Dallas Theological Seminary. I recommend the brief, but deserving, tribute to his ongoing writing ministry. Follow the link below to the DTS alumni page. The page also includes a listing of Dr. Harris’ published works. Late Start —

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Understanding Bible Translation: Excerpt & Endorsement

“As someone involved in an international ministry involving interaction in several different languages, I understand the need for careful approaches to understanding communication across language barriers in both oral and printed forms. So I worked through Barrick’s Understanding Bible Translation with great interest.  Many such works have come on the scene over the years, but this

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