Understanding Bible Translation: Excerpt & Endorsement

“Someone once said, ‘Translation is that which transforms everything so that nothing changes.’ This has been Dr. Barrick’s life-long pursuit whether translating in Bangladesh for 15 years, teaching biblical languages in seminary, or now, in retirement, writing from his experience for future generations. If you have the privilege to read anything he has written on the subject or the greater privilege to sit under his teaching of a biblical language, you will find his passion quickly becoming your passion. Why? Linguistic genius, the highest view of Scripture, and humility are rarely found together in an individual, but these are all found in Dr. Barrick. It is for that reason that no one has made a greater impact on my view of Scripture and its proper interpretation and translation than the author of the book that you hold. In the translation office that I lead in China, we have translated and/or edited 20,000+ pages of resources that help pastors interpret the Bible. I am daily reminded of the nuances and difficulties involved in this work. At the same time I am thankful that, at least for now, I do not shoulder the responsibility of translating the very words of God (accurately translating those resources that interpret those words is enough pressure for me). However in saying that, I am keenly aware that there are thousands involved in that process. This book is written to not only help you understand the high standard of biblical translation, but it shows example after example of how a proper understanding of linguistics and biblical languages can help you to meet that standard. As with every class I took or sermon I heard from Dr Barrick, this book is utterly practical. Do you want to understand the nuances involved in the translation of Scriptures? Read this book. Are you thinking about a future ministry that involves Bible translation? This book is a must read for you! Are you in the midst of this sacred work? This book will be an immediate and invaluable resource for you.” – Mark Borisuk (Ph.D., Virginia Tech), President and CEO of Intellectual Resources & Consulting, Beijing, China

Available at Kregel and Amazon (click on links).

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