Understanding Bible Translation: Excerpt & Endorsement

Understanding Bible Translation by Dr. William (Bill) Barrick reads like an autobiographical journey through 50 years of faithfulness to the centrality of Scriptures for evangelization and local church ministry. Weaving together his formal training at Bible College and Seminary (so thankful some of this was at Grace), 15 years of front-line Bible translation work, and a quarter-of-a-century as a seminary professor, Bill Barrick makes a compelling case for his thesis that ‘obedience of the Word is proportionate to understanding of the Word.’ The volume is full of practical examples of how ‘good translators take an interest in every aspect of life and culture,’ as he makes his convincing case that ‘the Bible’s cultural, geographical, and historical details must be left intact.’ The text emphasizes the need for accuracy and clarity in translation and a strong case is made for relying on the original biblical languages in translation work. Barrick concludes this book with an emphasis on prayer and the role of the Holy Spirit in Bible translation. What a way to finish! Understanding Bible Translation will be a valuable resource to Bible Colleges and Seminaries, along with local churches, as men and women come to better understand that ‘Bible translation is a gospel-proclaiming, church-planting, church-guiding, and Christ-glorifying work.’” – Bill Katip (Ph.D., Michigan State University), President, Grace College and Seminary, Winona Lake, IN

Available at Kregel and Amazon (click on links).

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